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Coolroom cleaning and serviceCoolrooms, in particular the fan units, are often a forgotten area in regular cleaning and hygiene control. Mould can grow almost everywhere and on any surface as long as moisture is present. At Jaymak we use specialised cleaning products utilising colloidal technology, which break down mould at a molecular level.

A complete Jaymak coolroom service includes:

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Under Bar HygieneThe first priority in any pest control program is the removal of the larval breeding sites.

As part of the Jaymak service, we can provide a full treatment of all bar areas that include:

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Professional Kitchen Cleaning ServiceRecommendations as to inspection and cleaning frequency will be determined by a number of factors such as the cooking volume, hours of operation, type of cooking being performed and any requirements by insurance, owners or other determining authorities.

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Kitchen Exhaust Canopy CleaningThere are also a number of Australian Standards and International Standards pertaining to Fire Safety, duct-work relating to kitchen exhaust systems and the maintenance of these systems. The entire exhaust system will be inspected for grease build-up. Recommendations as to inspection and cleaning frequency will be determined by a number of factors such as the cooking volume, hours of operation, type of cooking being performed and any requirements by Insurance, owners or other determining authorities.

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Ice Machine CleaningIf ice machines are not cleaned regularly and thoroughly they can cause the spread of nasty germs like Salmonella, Listeria, E. coli, Shigella and Norovirus. Disease-producing bacteria, including Listeria can be 1,000 times harder to eliminate if it is living in a protective biofilm.

Scope of work:

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Environmental Testing AirIf there are any suspected issues with the air conditioning plant or the building we would recommend a full inspection and testing be carried out. Also if there are any major demolition or construction works being undertaken within the immediate area or up wind of the fresh air intakes further tests should be taken.

Jaymak is able to provide independent testing and reports for issues effecting the air conditioning systems of a building including:

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DISHWASHER CLEANING AND SANITISING Dishwasher Cleaning and Sanitizing

The majority of food safety inspection breaches for commercial dishwashing results from low readings for wash temperature or rinse temperature. The "hardness" of Australian water and excessive calcium/lime deposits places extra strain on the machine's working and cleaning ability, while also reducing its energy efficiency.

Scope of work:

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Environmental Testing for WaterLegionella Water Testing -Thermostatic Mixing Valves (TMVs)
Jaymak is able to provide water sampling from TMVs for certification of positive or negative results for Legionella. All samples are collected, sent and received within 24 hours at a NATA accredited lab for testing. Any samples received outside 24 hours will be tested but certificates will be marked "NOT TESTED WITHIN 24 HOURS OF SAMPLE" as per NATA guidelines. A negative report states "Less than 10 colony forming units/ml". A positive report may be from 10 up to 25,000 cfu/ml.

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AHU's & PLANT ROOMS AHU & Plantroom Cleaning

The condition of the AHU needs to be monitored conscientiously not only for reasons of microbial control but also to minimise energy usage and to improve plant reliability.

Cooling Coils incorporated in an AHU will accumulate organic dust with neglect or poor air-filtration. The water running over its surface may collect microbial matter before being blown directly into the air path if the air velocity over all or part of the coil is excessive.

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Environmental Testing for FoodThe swab samples can be taken from the surface of non-contact or contact areas of food storage and preparation areas. A Jaymak team member then sends the swab sample to an independent laboratory for testing.

We only use NATA accredited pathology practices around Australia to test all swab samples.
Swab test results may assist with your OH&S standards plus implementing or maintaining you HACCP/Food safety plan. The most common swab samples for food areas that we are currently performing are for Yeast, Moulds and Listeria (Mono).

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Split Aircon Systems Manitenance and CleaningA poorly maintained air-conditioning system will not only put added pressure on the unit but also increase the energy consumption resulting in higher electricity bills. This can also create air borne bacteria that can put consumers' health at risk.

Dust filters are accessible by the user and should be cleaned once or twice a month.

Depending on the amount of use and local conditions split type air conditioning systems should be professionally cleaned and maintained every six to twelve months.

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Infection Control GastroIf there is any suspicion that the gastro illness may be food borne (caused by eating contaminated food), Jaymak provides a systematic and detailed procedure to assist in the clean-up of the premises. It may be necessary for the premises/kitchen areas to be closed (cease food production) while this is being undertaken – the Environmental Health Officer (EHO) will advise on this. The Local Government EHO is responsible for supervising the disposal of contaminated food and the clean-up of the food premises/business/facility.

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Keg Room CleaningA Jaymak keg room service includes:

  • Clean interior and exterior of FDC unit.
  • Remove fan from housing, clean both sides of fan blades and safety grill.
  • Clean heat transfer coils.
  • Clean internal and external surfaces of fan unit.
  • Remove and clean condensation drip tray.
  • Remove blockages within condensate drain pipes.
  • Clean mould and bacteria on surfaces of walls and ceiling in the coolroom.
  • Clean mould around coolroom door and door seal.
  • Clean and treat all backboards, lines and fittings.
  • Clean glycol unit & associated pythons for mould & bacterial contamination and moisture control.
  • Treat all cleaned areas with Jaymak's food safe D-Mould® sanitiser; a solution of natural oils to combat condensation, bacteria and mould growth.

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Infection Control Special InfectionsIn instances where an outbreak is suspected or confirmed, on request from the site, Jaymak is capable of mobilising our 'specialist' cleaning team and commence the service as quickly as possible.

All our outbreak clean-up procedures adhere to the standards outlined in the Australian Government Department of Health and Aging.

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Refredgerator & Freezer CleaningIf your business stores any sort of food or beverage, you rely heavily on your refrigerator's performance. The purpose of refrigerators and cold display cabinets are to maintain food and drink below 5°C and in certain cases to enable you to showcase your products to your customers. Correct temperature can extend the life of perishable products as well as keeping beverages at the optimum consumption temperature.

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Infection Control Change OverWhen a Resident passes away or departs a Healthcare or Senior Living site, Jaymak can provide the necessary clean-up process as per the required time standards.

This includes:

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Coolroom Door Seal ReplacementIf the coolroom or fridge door seals are poorly fitting, torn or damaged, your refrigeration equipment cannot operate at its optimum efficiency. In addition to the mould and bacterial treatment of your fridge door seals, we can inspect and discuss the need to replace damaged or broken door seals during every service.

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