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DISHWASHER CLEANING AND SANITISING Dishwasher Cleaning and Sanitizing

The majority of food safety inspection breaches for commercial dishwashing results from low readings for wash temperature or rinse temperature. The "hardness" of Australian water and excessive calcium/lime deposits places extra strain on the machine's working and cleaning ability, while also reducing its energy efficiency.

Scope of work:

  • Check wash and rinse arms for lime deposit build up and general operation
  • Check temperature of wash and rinse arms
  • Disassemble all removable components and clean
  • Clean, sanitise and de-scale dishwasher with Jaymak's De-Scaler
  • Clean and sanitise drain, filter and tray
  • Flush clean and rinse all components
  • Reassemble all removed parts
  • Clean & polish all external panels
  • pH test water for clearance
  • Check temperature of wash and rinse arms for clearance.