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Infection Control GastroIf there is any suspicion that the gastro illness may be food borne (caused by eating contaminated food), Jaymak provides a systematic and detailed procedure to assist in the clean-up of the premises. It may be necessary for the premises/kitchen areas to be closed (cease food production) while this is being undertaken – the Environmental Health Officer (EHO) will advise on this. The Local Government EHO is responsible for supervising the disposal of contaminated food and the clean-up of the food premises/business/facility.

Jaymak follows these steps to ensure the premise is cleaned effectively:

  • Allow the council EHO to collect all appropriate food samples and environmental swabs (if required) before commencing cleaning procedures.
  • Ensure all contaminated food is disposed of adequately under supervision by the EHO.
  • In the kitchen thoroughly clean all work surfaces, benches, doors, door and cupboard handles, storage areas, refrigerators, cool rooms, sinks, floors and any other areas possibly contaminated.
  • In this particular procedure, hot water and our specially developed colloidal detergent/disinfectant is used to wash down the surfaces, followed by a solution of 1,000 ppm of available chlorine as a sanitiser.
  • All kitchen food contact surfaces (utensils and equipment) is washed and sanitised in accordance with the relevant government standards.
  • All other areas of the facility where food is prepared served or consumed (e.g. dining areas) is also cleaned and sanitised.

Note: Cleaning as described above is conducted at least twice a day, on an ongoing basis until the outbreak is over. A final clean-up of all areas is completed at the end of the outbreak (when there have been no symptomatic cases for 48 hours).