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Doug King, Willandra Village

Willanda Village"I have used Jaymak now for 12 months and wish I had known about it previously. The difference between a clean coolroom and a Jaymak clean coolroom is just so different. The smell, lack of mould and cleanliness is amazing. Hygienically it is so much safer with the storage of raw meats. I have no hesitation in recommending Jaymak to anyone."


Barbara Stacpoole, MacLeod Village

McLeod Village"Jaymak have had the external contract with MacLeod Village for two years now, cleaning the coolroom in the kitchen. Coolroom cleanliness is vital to the health of our residents. This initiative is an excellent example for evidence - Standard 5, Infection Control. Well done Jaymak!"


 Dawn Cerminara, Lutheran Aged Care

LutheranAged Care"Jaymak has taken the guess work out of the equation. There is no second guessing with our cleaning standards meeting what's required. Not to mention the time we save along the way. Peace of mind for food safety audits."


Alan Bryan, St John of God Berwick Hospital

stjohn of Berrwick"Jaymak has helped us achieve great audit results with our infectious control inspections. Jaymak is thorough in maintaining a safe working environment and because it is a scheduled cleaning service, you know that the coolrooms will always be clean and bacteria free."


Jeanelle Hamnett, Westmead Private Hospital

westmeadprivate"Jaymak are great! Our three coolrooms always look, smell and feel sparkling new after a Jaymak clean. The staff are professional and friendly too, and are always willing to work around our busy operation."





jaymak fastfood testimonials


Thomas King, Assistant Manager, Red Rooster Colonnades

Redrooster"I've never seen the coolrooms work so well. The workers came in, did their job, made everything spotless and perfect and had a smile on their face the whole time. The service and quality were excellent. I would recommend Jaymak to anyone."


Ricky Yoelianto, Nando's Chadstone Shopping Centre

nandoslogo"I've never seen my coolroom look as clean as this before and I can feel it's healthier now. They also unexpectedly clean our dishwasher, which I found very hard to clean before. Thank you Jaymak, well done, good job."


Vicki-Leigh Lettice – McDonalds Palmerston

mcdonalds"Thank you for the Coolroom Treatment Program that you have put in place at McDonald's Family Restaurant Palmerston. I have been extremely pleased with the results. I'm especially impressed with the cleaning of the fans & coils; there is no doubt it makes for more efficient operation of the coolroom."


Ibraham, Red Rooster Roxburgh Park

Redrooster"Our first experience with Jaymak (new franchisees) has been great. Work carried out was of high standards and our coolrooms were left smelling hygienically fresh and clean. The walls looked nice and clean, just like brand new. Great first experience very impressed."


Renaye Middleton, Red Rooster Wishart

Redrooster"Jaymak services have given us a head start with our cleaning, allowing us to keep up with hygiene standards and in general, to keep our areas clean and tidy. Thanks Jaymak!"





jaymak food industry testimonials


Erin Holt, National Foods Limited

National Foods Logo"Jaymak always do a fantastic job, they are punctual and precise as well. As we often have no personnel onsite during weekends, Jaymak do a great job of keeping in constant communication so that work can be completed in a safe and timely matter."


Brad Major, Majors Supa IGA

IGA"Jaymak helps us achieve clean, healthy and hygienic coolrooms at our supermarket by helping to remove stock and shelving and thoroughly cleaning the coolrooms, a job that could not be done as well by our staff. They save us a lot of time."


Gary Nichols, Woolworths Distribution Centre

woolworths"Jaymak have delivered to me a service that to date is exceptional and
has taken considerable pressure off myself as facilities manager."



Ken Woodworth, FoodWorks Upwey.

Foodworks"Jaymak is a convenient and worry free way to keep our coolrooms running in a healthy hygienic state without having to worry about including the fans and condensers in our own cleaning schedules. This would be ineffective without the proper chemicals and attention to detail that Jaymak employ."

Alex Phillip, Longwarry Food Park

longwayfoods"Jaymak has helped us achieve a clean and healthy coolroom with better air flow and lower running costs."





Jaymak Education Testimonials


Simon Hoffer, Nowra TAFE

tafelogo"As always, Andrew was prompt, professional and thorough. I am very happy with the service provided, the great job that the product does and the peace of mind it provides."


Darren Payne, Goulburn Ovens Institute of TAFE

tafelogo"The ease of Jaymak just turning up and leaving the coolroom sparkling clean is great. Being an educational environment we need a clean coolroom as we are always on showcase with the apprentices."


Robbie McTernan, Caulfield Grammar School

CaulFIELDGrammar"Having recently engaged Jaymak to undertake servicing our needs, I was delighted with the efficiency of the team and their demeanour. By also providing written certification of works performed, the school is now confident it is reaching high quality maintenance of its coolroom and other refrigerated appliances."




Jaymak Sport Testimonials


Ian Ford, Berwick Bowling Club

BWRWICK Bowling Club"Since I have been working with James, when he visits our club we have certainly improved our health & hygiene, now adding the ice machine, glass machine (behind the bar) and dishwashers in our industrial kitchen. I am very impressed with James, this and his knowledge. He has been a great help to me".


Erwin Kalocsai, Royal Prince Edward Yacht Club

Royal Prince Yacht Club"Since Jaymak have been servicing the club the fridges, seals and coolroom
are always clean and hygienic. With so many other items to attend to it is a
true blessing. The Jaymak staff are always friendly and efficient.
I would recommend Jaymak to anyone. Well done!"


 Lee Skerman, Magpies Sporting Club

Magpies Club"Jaymak have done an A+ job not only putting in preventative mould inhibitor,
but cleaning the existing cold rooms to a professional level.
We look forward to a long relationship with Jaymak."


Kingsley Theiber, Southern Suburbs Football Club (Mackay) Inc

Southern Suburbs Football Club"Our club has worked with Jaymak for a number of years and have always found the service to be outstanding.
I highly recommend that the team from Jaymak be incorporated
into maintenance schedules of hospitality providers."





Jaymak Hospitality Testimonials


Janine Sharpe, Rydges Bankstown

Rydges logo"Jaymak has helped us with the cleaning of our coolrooms. It has improved our coolroom effectiveness and efficiency. There has been a lot less repairs and maintenance needed on our coolrooms, and they always keep temperature- including our outdoor coolroom."


Rob Appelkamp, McLaren Hotel

McLaren Hotel Logo"At Hotel McLaren we are more than happy with the service provided by Jaymak. Jaymak services offer us peace of mind knowing our coolrooms are healthy and hygienic, thus ensuring our customers are receiving the best quality food possible out of our kitchen."


Mario Tavian, Caesars Bar Restaurant Cafe

Caesars Logo"We have been using Jaymak for over a year or so now and have been very satisfied with not just the job itself but also the level of service and friendliness is excellent. The main reason for using Jaymak is the hygiene factor, but also the fact my staff don't have to do it because the level of cleanliness won't be the same. Thanks and I hope the relationship carries on."


Mark Murdoch, Citigate Central Hotel

Citigatecentral Logo"Mirvac prides itself on leading the way in health and safety, which is why Jaymak are our preferred supplier in maintaining an efficient, sanitary coolroom. We rest assured that we have the very best in food safety standards when Jaymak have been. The service is second to none and we would recommend to all."


Cory Fenton, Mercure Hotel Potts Point

MECURE LOGO"I have found Jaymak the preferred company to use in my kitchens for the coolroom sanitising and cleaning.
I work for a major hotel chain and have used Jaymak at all the properties kitchens I have run.
I would recommend Jaymak to any kitchen/property."